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      Lunita is always experimenting with new materials and technics to bring to life lovely miniature motifs... we are going mad at the workshop!...  tons of materials are gathering by night, so they can get to know each others. Glass bottles meet the handsome corks that are hanging around with other pals, like the sprinkles and a tomato slice. Romance is inevitable... some charms are just ment to be together. They also are creating a Protection Union to prevent charm-population to be attacked by the cat. Chains and wishes melt in a large hug, so strong that they form a heavy knot, that just wasn't there the night before! I've even seen slices of fruit trying to melt into the cake dough in an attempt to be cooked together. As I said... we are all going mad at the workshop!!!

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    • Gera says...

      I wish I was there to spy on the charms! :*

      On April 26, 2013

    • Marcello says...

      You´re going bananas at the workshop!

      On April 26, 2013

    • Peter says...

      Be careful with tomato slices. They’re specially dangerous!

      On April 05, 2013

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